Featured in a magazine? Would like to sell your home? K. Photo has a multitude of experience in the field.

Graphic design and Package design has made me stand out from the "photographic crowd", as I have designed products and packaging for well over 50 products featured top 3 on websites such as Amazon.com, etc. 

Home & Garden

K. Photo's free consultation in-home visit will ensure you've chosen the right people for the job!

Weddings & Events remain the heart of the business. We have covered well over 100 small to large events, created invitations, and other such crafts utilized in any event.

Graphic & Package Design

Holiday & Portraiture

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Professional Photography & Graphic Design


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In the field of photography and Graphic design I have well over 15 years experience. K.Photography has been in business since 2001, has had studios in CT, MA (Boston) and now relocated to North Carolina.